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The Tantalus Tales

Sep 2021

Ep.33| Dice Storm

Our heroes are rescued and subsequently joined by a clan of Yuan-ti who require assistance in dealing with a problem of their own. Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, Ice, and Yanko as they venture to the spiral tower in "Dice Storm".

Sep 2021

Ep.32| Creatures in the Night

Our heroes take their first steps onto a new world that isn't quite as advertised in the dossier. Almost immediately they realize something's wrong. Follow Bakar, Oren, Tee, Ice, and Yanko into the dark as they find out what's lurking out there in the shadows. Enjoy Ep.32 "Creatures in the Night".

Aug 2021

Ep.31| A Can of Worms

Bakar, Oren, Tee, Ice, and Yanko receive gifts from Vern. Nikola discusses his family, and our heroes ponder what really happens when you're teleported. Enjoy Ep.31 "A Can of Worms"!

Aug 2021

Ep.30| Time To Push Buttons

As our heroes learn of Nikola's sadness, they decide a surprise party is in order. When you put Bakar, Orenthil, Tee, Ice, and Yanko in charge of throwing a party, what could possibly go wrong? Find out and enjoy Ep.30 of The Tantalus Tales, "Time To Push Buttons"!

Jul 2021

Ep. 29| Roll to Destroy Something Beautiful

After returning from the "North Pole", our heroes spend some time on the Institute. Bakar, builds a Snow Bug Bear, and we discover something about our favorite Scientific Tabaxi. Enjoy Ep.29 of the Tantalus Tales, "Roll to Destroy Something Beautiful".

Jan 2021

Ep.28| Slashing All The Way

After Bakar's close shave with Sandy Klaus, he shows our heroes a secret stairway to take on Nick, who's hiding his own chilly secret. Enjoy "Slashing All The Way!"

Dec 2020

Ep. 27| One Elf Open Slay

Our heroes come face to face with an 8’ tall yeti and his copper bearded dwarf handler. As they try to infiltrate the North Pole fortress they come across a… less than jolly figure in Episode 27 of The Tantalus Tales, “One Elf Open Slay.” Enjoy!

Dec 2020

Ep. 26| Stealthing Through The Snow

As our heroes celebrate a warm reception from their latest mission, they’re met by Vern who has a chilly request for them. Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they bundle up and head for the… North Pole? Enjoy Ep. 26 “Stealthing Through The Snow!”

Dec 2020

Ep.25| A Tale Between Two Chapters III

Join us for our third installment of A Tale Between Two Chapters where we level up Bakar, Oren, and Tee to level 6. Join our heroes as they recount their adventures with the townsfolk at the Striped Dragon's Roost!

Nov 2020

Ep.24| Erasing The Evidence

As an alarm rings out, a poor Felis is wounded. What do these strange vials do? Who was that masked figure? Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they try to find these answers and more in "Erasing The Evidence". 

Nov 2020

Ep. 23| What A Ride Brother

Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they come face to face with Harold of Harold's Holistic Healing Hut and uncover the secret he was willing to kill to keep. Enjoy episode 23, "What A Ride Brother!"

Sep 2020

Ep.22| Knee Deep

Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they search for the remaining Felis prisoners, and run into a familiar face with a dark secret. Enjoy Episode 22 “Knee Deep”!

Sep 2020

Ep. 21| Herd of Cats

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they return from their side quest from Vern and continue trying to figure out what exactly is happening to the Felis of this world. Enjoy Ep.21 "Herd of Cats!"

Feb 2020

Ep. 20| Grab The Bull By The Horns

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they delve into the mausoleum in search of Vern's requested item. Enjoy Ep.20 "Grab the Bull by the Horns!"

Feb 2020

Ep. 19| Let’s Get This Shindig Started

Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee are greeted by a familiar face to make due on an owed debt. Enjoy Ep.19 "Let's Get This Shindig Started"!

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