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The Tantalus Tales

Dec 2019

Ep. 18 | I Wanna Be Sedated

Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they continue their examination of Malaton, and attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the town. Enjoy Ep. 18 "I Wanna Be Sedated"!

Oct 2019

Ep.17| 30 Rats in a Trench Coat

Fresh on the heels of their newest mission, Bakar, Orenthil, Tee, and Yanko head to Malatar to begin investigating the disease plaguing the area. Strap in and enjoy "30 Rats in a Trench Coat"

Sep 2019

Ep.16| Everything’s Going To Be Okay Meow

After defending Hawthorne and the Institute from a fiendish invasion, join our heroes as they get a glimpse into Hawthorne's past before heading off on their next mission as Rectifiers. Enjoy Ep. 16 "Everything's Going To Be Okay Meow"!

Sep 2019

Ep. 15| At Least They’re Not Furbies

Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee race to the aid of Hawthorne and the citizens of the Tantalus Institute against a horde of demonic winged beasties. Enjoy "At Least They're Not Furbies"!

Aug 2019

Ep.14.5 | Smartest Tool Behind The Scenes

Join us for a bit of cut Behind the Scenes action from Episode 14 "Smartest Tool In The Shed"


Aug 2019

Ep. 14| Smartest Tool in the Shed

Three weeks have passed since the emotional events of "Wake Up", follow Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they recount the passed time, and score some neat stuff. Enjoy Ep.14 "Smartest Tool in the Shed".

Aug 2019

Ep. 13.5 | Wake Up Bloopers

Even in the most serious of times, Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee cannot resist goofing off. Enjoy these goofs that didn't make the final cut of the episode as to keep with a more somber tone. 

There are spoilers for Ep.13 Wake Up. Enjoy!

Jul 2019

Ep. 13 | Wake Up

Jump into the 3rd Chapter of The Tantalus Tales as Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee return from their first mission, and come face to face with a new challenge... Enjoy episode 13 "Wake Up." 

Jul 2019

Ep. 12.5 | A Tale Between Two Chapters II

Take a break from the story to sit back and look back at the previous chapters with Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they level up to Lv.5 and answer some of your questions. Enjoy our Tale Between Two Chapters II!

Jul 2019

Ep.12 | Have You Heard Of Mushrooms?

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they defend the Shellians, confront Zebos, and learn some things aren't what they seem. Enjoy the Chapter 2 finale "Have You Heard Of Mushrooms!"

Jul 2019

Ep.11 | Stop Poaching My Acolytes

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they meet a God and wrestle with the idea of creating Geopolitical turmoil in Episode 11 of The Tantalus Tales "Stop Poaching My Acolytes"! Enjoy!

Jun 2019

Ep.10 | Oh, We’re The Canaries

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they delve into the Tropium mines, investigate what's scaring the miners, and gain some unexpected allies. Enjoy Episode 10, "Oh, We're the Canaries"

Jun 2019

Ep.9 | Trust Fall

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they defend a pair of miners from bandits, and meet up with the owner of the Great River Mining Company. Enjoy Episode 9 of The Tantalus Tales, "Trust Fall"

Jun 2019

Ep.8 | Pun and Games

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they settle into their new living arrangements and take off on their first adventure as members of the elite Rectifiers. Enjoy Episode 8: Pun and Games

May 2019

Ep.7 | Dream Team Vs. Team Two

Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee square off with Chaz, Agnostos, and Dazzledrid in the Tantalus Institute's Sparring Ring in this episode of The Tantalus Tales. Enjoy "Dream Team Vs. Team Two"

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