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The Tantalus Tales

Jun 2019

Ep.8 | Pun and Games

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they settle into their new living arrangements and take off on their first adventure as members of the elite Rectifiers. Enjoy Episode 8: Pun and Games

May 2019

Ep.7 | Dream Team Vs. Team Two

Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee square off with Chaz, Agnostos, and Dazzledrid in the Tantalus Institute's Sparring Ring in this episode of The Tantalus Tales. Enjoy "Dream Team Vs. Team Two"

May 2019

Ep.6 | Does The Wind Even Lift?

In episode 6 of The Tantalus Tales, our heroes meet with some interesting characters as Rouge shows them around the station. Enjoy Episode 6: Does The Wind Even Lift? 

Apr 2019

Ep.5 | A Janitor’s Nightmare

In episode 5 of The Tantalus Tales, our heroes find themselves far from home. Join them as they meet a new cast of characters and piece together the events from the end of Chapter 1. 

Enjoy "A Janitor's Nightmare".

Apr 2019

Ep.4.5 | A Tale Between Two Chapters

In between Chapter 1 and 2, take some time to reminisce about the events of Chapter 1 with the cast of The Tantalus Tales, and listen in as they level up Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee to level 4. 

*Spoiler Alert, as we do discuss events in the first four episodes during the banter section, I highly recommend not beginning with this episode

Thank you, and enjoy!

Apr 2019

Ep.4 | Occam’s Rapier

After a run in with the local wildlife, our heroes find themselves sneaking through the fortress of some less than savory characters.


Enjoy episode four of The Tantalus Tales: Occam's Rapier!

Mar 2019

Ep.3 | A Flash of Feathers and Fur

Our heroes follow a lead North out of town and get a feel for the local wildlife as the adventure continues in Episode 3: A Flash of Feathers and Fur, enjoy!

Mar 2019

Ep.2 | Better Gnomes and Gardens

In Episode Two of The Tantalus Tales, our heroes come face to face with a half-orc, snag a drink at the local pub, put on their detective hats, and discover that not everything is as it seems in the small town of Daggernan. 

Enjoy "Better Gnomes and Gardens"!

Feb 2019

Ep.1 | Gnome Sweet Gnome

Meet our three Heroes as they answer the call for aid, and inspect the mysteries surrounding the little town of Daggernan.

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