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The Tantalus Tales

Dec 2020

Ep. 27| One Elf Open Slay

Our heroes come face to face with an 8’ tall yeti and his copper bearded dwarf handler. As they try to infiltrate the North Pole fortress they come across a… less than jolly figure in Episode 27 of The Tantalus Tales, “One Elf Open Slay.” Enjoy!

Dec 2020

Ep. 26| Stealthing Through The Snow

As our heroes celebrate a warm reception from their latest mission, they’re met by Vern who has a chilly request for them. Join Bakar, Oren, Tee, and Yanko as they bundle up and head for the… North Pole? Enjoy Ep. 26 “Stealthing Through The Snow!”

Dec 2020

Ep.25| A Tale Between Two Chapters III

Join us for our third installment of A Tale Between Two Chapters where we level up Bakar, Oren, and Tee to level 6. Join our heroes as they recount their adventures with the townsfolk at the Striped Dragon's Roost!

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