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Aug 2019

Ep.14.5 | Smartest Tool Behind The Scenes

Join us for a bit of cut Behind the Scenes action from Episode 14 "Smartest Tool In The Shed"


Aug 2019

Ep. 14| Smartest Tool in the Shed

Three weeks have passed since the emotional events of "Wake Up", follow Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they recount the passed time, and score some neat stuff. Enjoy Ep.14 "Smartest Tool in the Shed".

Aug 2019

Ep. 13.5 | Wake Up Bloopers

Even in the most serious of times, Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee cannot resist goofing off. Enjoy these goofs that didn't make the final cut of the episode as to keep with a more somber tone. 

There are spoilers for Ep.13 Wake Up. Enjoy!

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