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The Tantalus Tales

Jul 2019

Ep. 13 | Wake Up

Jump into the 3rd Chapter of The Tantalus Tales as Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee return from their first mission, and come face to face with a new challenge... Enjoy episode 13 "Wake Up." 

Jul 2019

Ep. 12.5 | A Tale Between Two Chapters II

Take a break from the story to sit back and look back at the previous chapters with Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they level up to Lv.5 and answer some of your questions. Enjoy our Tale Between Two Chapters II!

Jul 2019

Ep.12 | Have You Heard Of Mushrooms?

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they defend the Shellians, confront Zebos, and learn some things aren't what they seem. Enjoy the Chapter 2 finale "Have You Heard Of Mushrooms!"

Jul 2019

Ep.11 | Stop Poaching My Acolytes

Join Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee as they meet a God and wrestle with the idea of creating Geopolitical turmoil in Episode 11 of The Tantalus Tales "Stop Poaching My Acolytes"! Enjoy!

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