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The Tantalus Tales

Apr 2019

Ep.5 | A Janitor’s Nightmare

In episode 5 of The Tantalus Tales, our heroes find themselves far from home. Join them as they meet a new cast of characters and piece together the events from the end of Chapter 1. 

Enjoy "A Janitor's Nightmare".

Apr 2019

Ep.4.5 | A Tale Between Two Chapters

In between Chapter 1 and 2, take some time to reminisce about the events of Chapter 1 with the cast of The Tantalus Tales, and listen in as they level up Bakar, Orenthil, and Tee to level 4. 

*Spoiler Alert, as we do discuss events in the first four episodes during the banter section, I highly recommend not beginning with this episode

Thank you, and enjoy!

Apr 2019

Ep.4 | Occam’s Rapier

After a run in with the local wildlife, our heroes find themselves sneaking through the fortress of some less than savory characters.


Enjoy episode four of The Tantalus Tales: Occam's Rapier!

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